Knit One, Save One

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Finally, some picture of my finished product. Ultimately I only made one hat in time to send off but I have since made another one and will save it until next year!


Model: Little Panda

I have been a terrible blogger. It's been busy with the holidays and well...I can make all the excuses I want but the truth is that I haven't had much to blog about. That and that fact that I have no idea who, if anyone reads this. No comments....Oh well.
I guess I could blog about New Years resolutions. I don't make them. I resolve things when they need to be resolved. I do however, make goals for myself. So here's my list. It will grow as I think of more things I need or want to do.

Crafty Goals:
Knit more scarves
Make 1 pattern variation for every basic scarf
Knit 1 blanket for charity
Knit more baby caps for the next round of Knit One, Save One
Knit baby blankets
If baby blankets are finished begin a project to make a set
Practice hand quilting
If comfortable, begin Follow-The-Lines quilt
Attempt 1 knitted toy
Make knitted ornaments to but in clear balls
Knit afghan squares to join for full afghan

Personal Goals:
Stick to a workout plan & stay fit
Read atleast 1 book
Add 1 rosary to my collection
Send in flowers for my Grandmas memorial rosary
New myspace layout (lol)
Play more DS! (already got a start on that)
Add atleast 1 more Betsey Johnson jewelry piece
Charge at least 1 tank of gas on the credit card then immediately off (building credit!)
Keep Organized!
Take a trip somewhere nice.
Garden in real life
Become more bold in the kitchen
Love Frank more (everyday)

So that's what I have now. Some are silly and some are very ambitious. But that what it is and I will cross stuff off as I get things accomplished. Maybe I'll add a special section to my blog that has my lists. I'm sure I will update progress on each project / goal.

Cheers all!