Monday, January 26, 2009

Oh I've been sick! I don't mean a little sick, I mean a lot sick. Usually I try to go to work unless I feel like I'm dying, and in the case of last week (one day) even if I do. Turns out I have a sinus infection (which I usually get around this time of year and in fact went to the doctor for it 1 day before last year than I did this year....super weird), and I have a throat infection, which I don't believe I have ever had before. I need to say this....I was SO out of it! It's crazy how bad it all was this time. I was not understanding things that were being said to me, I wasn't saying anything that really made sense, and that when I could actually talk. Yeah, I lost my voice completely. Whispering even hurt my throat and head. The coughing brought that on I suppose. I missed 3 days of work last week, which was torture. Being home during the day sucks! Being home during the day sick & alone...even worse. In fact I was desperate to come to work today because I had to get outta that place! Now being at work....oh my. I'm annoyed by the phone ringing, people asking questions, nagging cough, emails that have been sitting here for so many days, my boss making 18763458935479 personal phone calls within the first few hours of the's all too much. But at least I'm not at home!!!

Okay that was a lot of "...-ing". How about the second part of my post eh? (If you've managed to drag through all that which might not had made sense.) Knit One, Save One! The deadline has been extended until the 31st of this month! I didn't find out until Tuesday I believe but it's alright. I actually have 1 cap already made that I finish just after the previous deadline so that will be on it's way and I have began another one. (Don't worry they will be washed before sending & handled by my mother. I don't want to send my yucky germs!) Anywho, I am excited to be able to send a couple more. If not for aformentioned cold symptoms, I may have been able to knit up a few more! Just like I had planned whatever doesn't get finished by this deadline will go along with others that I will knit up during the year for this years campaign.

Let's see what else? Ah! I began my book "The Gentle Art Of Domesicity" and I am super excited to dive in! I have only finished the introduction but already I am wrapped up in all that it will be. I will keep you updated on my readings. I have also began Brain Age, a Nintendo DS game. It's hard! I first tested my brain age when I was sick last week. That was probably a bad idea. You see my brain age was 62, which is terrible because the best brain age you can have is 20....and I'm only 22! Now the fact that the one test I took to gauge this invloved verbalizing answers, and I had no way to properly (or non-painfully) verbalize may have added to my poor score, however I am proud to announce that I have taken more test after some training activities and am now 42! (Again I may have been a bit out of it when taking the test, we shall see next week when I'm pretty much healthy and close to being off antibiotics.) You should check out the game, at least online, it's silly but fun. It has helped my discover a new passion, Sudoku! Let me say that I am dislexic with numbers, I do not kid. They jumble up and make me horrible at math, which in turn makes me very sad. However I love this game! It makes me feel so smart! Probably old news to a lot of people but there it is.

I began a sort of test blanket for a baby blanket I will be knitting up for my sister-in-law-ish. I haven't gotten that far since having to frog it for lack of 2 stiches at the end of my first knitting/purling row. It was terrible, this will be a long project! I only hope I can finish the test sucessfully as well as the real thing before late May (her due date)! (Bonus points if I can have it by the baby shower, eh?)

That's about all I have for this post. Hopefully next post will be more positive and with a fully functioning brain!