Monday, March 16, 2009

I have had a plan on how I would still be able to pay bills and find a job etc, ever since I found out that we may have to move after Frank gets his Mass Communications degree. The plan...Since I have been working insurance for almost 4 years now, it's about time I get my license. License means more money and in the case of my future, my job options should we need to move. Getting your license isn't cheap. And you are required to have 52 hours of classes prior to taking the exam. 52 hours! 12 hours of that is just ethics! (Too bad there are still snakes out there....) You see I am on the retail (selling) side of insurance. What you would call your broker. (Except I don't sell since I don't have a license.) I market accounts. Anywho, with a license I could sell insurance, take a position similar to what I'm currently doing or I could be on the insurance company side as an underwriter, underwriting assistant, or marketing person. That's a lot of different things! And the one job that I know is recession proof is insurance. People always need insurance, whether it's for their home, car or business (which is the kind of insurance I handle!).

So whats my point is explaining all this? Well today, when I presented my boss with my idea. His response is not what I wanted, nor expected. I presented hm with the idea of allowing me to take online courses for my pre-license education and take them at work. This would allow me to be available if things got busy But still be able to complete the course work. If I physically went to the classes they would not have me there for a whole week, which would be a problem. So when my boss said "let me think on it.." I walked back to my desk and tears filled my eyes. I'm trying to be positive but honestly this is my only option. It's the only way to be prepared for a potential move. I am maintaining hope that he will say yes, but I am prepared for the worse. Se my boss answers to a board of directors...and well, they gripe about having to put in money already, how are they going to react when they have to reimburse me for my class but I'm in for a pay raise as well. My boss has already stated that I don't make the money I should be making...and that's without my license. Exhale.

Let's see...Oh! the only reason I have maintained any sort of positivity is because of the new book I'm reading. The Essential Dalai Lama: His important Teachings by Rajiv Mehrotra. I tell you it is amazing. I am not Buddhist. nor do I believe that in the future I will be. However, this book brings out my feelings, in the sense that...this is already how I think and feel. This book wants me to expand those thoughts and feeling and put them to action. And i want to put them to action. Religious or not, this book is definitely worth a read. It puts into perspective the way we are as humans and Americans. The thing I like most about it is that it does point out that we are all humans. The Dalai lama is human. He has had natural feelings such as anger, but he knows how to dispel them, manage them, prevent them. I'm about to start my fifth chapter and if I hadn't been so tired last night I would have read so much more. If you're looking for reading material, check it out!

Not much is going on, on the crafting front. I knit here and there, but the truth is with Franks schedule how it is and trying to fit in as much time together as possible, I just haven't had the time. It doesn't bother me though, it's almost spring anyways and the scarf i was working on is more of a winter scarf. A cold all day scarf. Well this post is running a bit long and I feel like I let out a bit of my nervousness about my future. Hope you all are doing well.

****Edited to note that my boss said yes to my training and I am currently working on that. It's going sloww, but it's progress!****