New Things & Weekend Wrap-Up

Monday, February 28, 2011

I recently made a few purchase of things I REALLY needed wanted. Per my post Six Confessions, I actually needed a purse. My wallet was also showing it's age so I made a preemptive move and replaced it since I found a great one on sale. The other two purchases I'm featuring were also things I needed. I've been loving ruffles lately and the pint on that dress is too cute. The dress should be here today and I hope it fits perfectly because I have big plans for it.

I'm realizing now that with all the colors I'm bringing into my wardrobe, I'm going to need another color purse than just black. This idea makes me cringe since finding the purse I now have took three months.

Here's a picture of the detail for the dress (left) and shirt (right).

My weekend went well. Lot's of time with my mister. Time was spent with both families, food was eaten, many gaming hours were was great. My mom and I also made a yummy cake for my bosses birthday week. I completely forgot to take a picture of it though. =/ I must also mention that we didn't see any snow here which made me very disappointed. I hoped and hoped it would snow but of course it's the valley, so it didn't. Maybe next year.

Happy Monday!

(Clockwise from the top: , Broadway Purse - Nine & Co.; Ruffled Blouse- LC; Little Fantastic Fox Dress - Lulu's; Black Clutch - Apt. 9)

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