Pretty Picture & Weekend Wrap - Up

Monday, March 14, 2011

This week's pretty picture was taken by me. This is a beautiful tree that can be seen just over our back fence. I loved the colors, the bees flying in and out of the flowers and the great contrast against the sky.

This weekend was great! Friday night we attended a local show. We stayed for all four bands but left after a few songs from the last (and hosting) band Fierce Creatures. It was late since we'd be getting up at 7 the next morning and it was such a long wait to finally see them. The band just before though, The Silent Comedy, rocked! Very different and such a great feel. In my opinion they were the best of the night.

Saturday we went on a hike in the McKensie Preserve up to a table top. Our journey began around 10 and ended around 2:30. The majority of the time was spent on the actual hike with only an hour spent on the table top itself. This is the biggest physical accomplishment I've had since my high school sports days and I really couldn't be more proud of myself. The view was worth it! I have tons of photos from the entire hike but the charger for my laptop has died so I am unable to upload those. Luckily I had taken a couple with my phone, so here they are...please excuse the darkness in the last photo, I was far too tired for my face to be clearly visible.

Sunday was spent in recovery mode. We played some games, took a great nap and watched a movie. I also caught up on some much needed cleaning and laundry. I'm definitely still feeling the burn for Saturday's hike but my Monday has started my week off right .

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