Things I'm Loving

Friday, March 18, 2011

I'm not normally a jewelry person, in fact I wear the same two pairs of earring everyday. There's pair that my mister gave me years ago for Valentines day and a fake-y pair I bought to match for my second ear piercing. Once in awhile I wear something cutesy but it's very rare. My picks today have me rethinking my strategy and wanting pretty little pieces to add to my very small collection.

(Clockwise from the top: Tiny Pinwheel Earrings II - mxmjewlry; A Sky Adventure - TwoLittleDoves; Capture Life - cinnamonsticks; Afternoon Tea - ABoxForMyTreasure; Mr Fox - TwoLittleDoves; Aunt Robins Birdnest - memorycollector)

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