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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A new week, a new play list! This week I'm featuring a band I've begun to get into recently and very glad I found, Metric. If you've seen Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, you've heard a Metric song. It's the cover Envy Adams from The Clash at Demonhead pranced around too on stage just before the battle between Scott and the vegan. (If you have no clue what I'm talking about, you haven't seen the movie and to that I say, APPALLING! Drop what you're doing and watch now! Gaming nerd or nerd in general, or lover of funny/awesome movies you are missing out by not seeing this. But I digress....) Now don't think I didn't like the movies version of the song, because I really did. However, the actress' way of singing the song is completely from the original. (Fun fact: The Clash at Demonhead band name came from a 1990 video game on Nintendo. Don't you just love how they incorporated games into so many tiny bits of the movie as well as large ones?)

So now that I have geeked out about the movie and revealed what an utter nerd I am, I will share with you the songs! I have included the two Metric songs I adore and the cover from Scott Pilgrim last for comparison. The cover also includes a bit of dialogue from the music as that is how it appears on the soundtrack. Enjoy!

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