8 Weeks To A Better Me: Week One!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


So Danielle over at Sometimes Sweet was my gateway to amazing bloggers. When I first started reading blogs I read craft blogs. Then I added a few fashion blogs. This was great but honestly while I love crafts, I hardly ever do them (except for knitting) and fashion blogs are amazing but they never inspired me to blog on my own since after week two my outfit posts would become repetitive (sad but true). Once I discovered Sometimes Sweet, a whole new world of blogging opened and inspiration was found at every turn.

I was catching up on blog posts (because this was unacceptable) and I found her new series with the same title of this post. I'm so very excited to join in the challenge and ever happier to see what the first week's subject was since it's something I've slowly been working on!



I really like blogging. I have a place to express myself in any way I choose. I also love the fact that this will be the place I can look back and see who I was at a certain point in my life. What was I inspired by? What did I listen to? What events did I share? It's a great little snippet of me.

My three goals are things I've been wrestling to achieve but since it's not written down I can easily forgetting.

  • Blog Scheduling - While I want to maintain quality and sincerity, I need structure. Scheduling what I post, when will give me the freedom to add in a post or skip one during any given week while keeping my blog regular. Also setting a deadline for myself will keep me from procrastinating or second guessing.

  • Comments - Now that I have finally gotten my notifications in order I will definitely be keeping up on any comments I receive. But this goal is really for commenting on other blogs. Too many times I will want to pop in a 'Hello' or compliment on an outfit or post and I just don't because I'm too shy. I find this rather silly because it's not like it puts me in a spotlight...I'm behind a computer screen. Also, some bloggers are new-er or have a small following (like myself) and would love to know that their words are being heard or their pictures seen and a little bit of encouragement.

  • More Me - As I touched briefly on this in my first goal, I really want sincerity in my little space on the internet. While I believe that I have maintained this thus far, I really believe I could be doing a better job of it. I created a themed post schedule for myself and quickly realized that some features I'm not as passionate about as I first thought I would be. I also rely to much of my themed post and need more personal content.

I look forward to making these goals a reality and to improving my little blog. I also look forward to all the other ways to improve me!



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