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Friday, September 16, 2011


I have been seriously quiet around here and on the web lately. I've been taking it easy and taking things slow. So here's my list of things I currently love, offline.

  • Man Men! Since the beginning this show has brought me in more and more. The clothes, the's all just so wonderful. We are in the first few episodes of season two and if it were up to me we'd just watch one after another.

  • On the subject of shows, Top Shot! I originally began with laughing at Frank for watching this. "Such a man show..." I said. Well the jokes on me because I am hooked like no other. Give me challenges that will test some of the best marksmen and slow-mo explosions and I'm a happy girl.

  • Trying new coffee. We switched coffee services at work and seeing the price of the coffee we were using made me think that we should try something new. (And because I may not be the biggest fan of Yuban.) Luckily our new service gave us samples of each coffee they offer and we have tried a Kona blend and hazelnut, both of which were divine.

  • Snuggles with my mister. Yes, I went there. Call me mushy. Call me lame. But boy, do I love him and our time together.

  • My new Christie Dupree EP CD. I was so excited to see her with Eisley last week and chat with her a bit after she performed. She has such great talent and now I have two CD's to enjoy on my car rides.

  • Nail painting. It's funny what a little polish on your nails or a few self made designs will do for your mood. I'm enjoying trying out new things instead of just a plain coat of clear polish.

This weekend is of our annual festival, Clovis Fest which has hot air balloons launching in the morning and food, booths and music the rest of the day. I used to go with my grandma every year when I was younger and it was so much fun to watch the crews air them up and see them lift off. I have a busy weekend ahead of me but I'm crossing my little fingers that I'll be able to go out and at least see the hot air balloons on one of the mornings.

Happy weekend to you!

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