Tuesday, November 25, 2008

My scarf is finally finished! I'm actually wearing it today. But of course, the pictures that Frank and I took last night are at the house. I even took one with me actually wearing the scarf. Blah. Pictures next post?

So I guess now it's official, I am a knitter. I'm a knitter & a sewer! It's funny because I consider myself very progressive. I even listen to free speech radio. However lately I've been so interested in the magic of being a stay at home, wife-girlfriend-whatever. Not so much in the "stay at home" way though. More in the "I have mastered traditional task and hobbies" kinda way. Does that make any sense? Now don't get me wrong, stay at home moms- wives-whatever, are awesome! They manage whole house holds and look good doing it I'm sure. However, financially & also for the sake of my sanity, it's just not an option. Despite the fact that my job is high stress, low rewards & infinitely repetitive, I actually like it. I also like the fact that having so little time to do cook, clean & squeeze in time with just Frank is limited, it motivates me to clean quick, cook efficiently & enjoy time playing videos games of talking with my love. I think if I did stay at home, I'd still end up creating my own business to keep my occupied!

So enough on my little tangent, my next project! I completely blanked last week about our Starbucks get together to learn the simple pattern for the preemie size hat. (Remember Knit One, Save One!) I suppose I'm on my own! Luckily, the campaign provides simple & well as intermediate patterns. ( We all know which I'll be using! LOL!) I'll keep you updated on that progress, you know, once I actually start it.

My yarn stash is already insane! 2 balls of bamboo in a wheat color, 8 balls of alpaca (4 in sky blue, 4 in a honey) 2 thick & quicks for scarves & 1 white (I forget) for another scarf. The alpaca projects I must keep to myself. You never know who may be reading this! Let's not get started on how many pairs of needles I have. My poor closet shelf has 2 bins full of fabric, yarn, batting & various articles of clothing just waiting for a project. Considering I'm only knitting right now due to lack of a sewing machine, that's pretty ambitious stash. I'll have to post a picture one day for you to get the whole idea.

I can't wait to have our own place so I can have a room & a closet just for that! Sharing a closet with Frank & my crafting stuff is a bit hard. Especially in a 10 x 10 room. Yes it's insanely small for 2 people, but we manage. I mean we essentially have 2 rooms, one in each house. However that makes it difficult since someone might need something & it's probably at the other house. This creates another problem since the houses are 30 minutes apart. It's craziness & it's wearing but at the end of the day we're just happy to live together & if this arrangement is what allows that, then it's what we'll do. I say 1 more year & we'll be out on our own. (I better start working on my insurance license!) Hopefully when we are ready to move there's a perfect 2 bedroom with our name on it. We've already decided that the extra bedroom with be the piano / craft room. That way we both have a space for our hobbies. We'll see how that goes. I believe we'll be aiming for a house but I won't really know until we get there right?

Okay, back to work for me. My tea is finally waking me up & my desk is calling to be cleared before tomorrow afternoon. I'll be back next post with pictures & hopefully more frequent posting.