Slowly but surely

Saturday, November 15, 2008

It's all coming along! I'm happy to say I am halfway through with my frist project and the more I work on it the faster it goes andthe more I get done in shorter amounts of time! I'm excited that I could have this scarf donesoon and moveon to bigger and better things!

So now I feel is a good time to talk about my second project. Many of you knitters may have already heard of Knit One, Save one. It's a campaign for Save the children in which we knit a premie sized cap and with it we attached a letter to our President elect. I'm so glad it's Barack Obama! (Sorry for the little politcal side not, I just had to.) Basically our message is to bring forth awareness of the problems for children and new mothers around the world and to helpromote more funding for programs that can help. Obviosly I have never knitted a cap so instead of knitting of of the patterns provided I will being going to a class/get-together at a local Starbucks and learn how to knit and easy cap. I'm afraid of two things. 1) I don't normally drink too much coffee but with it being cold iced tea may be a bad idea. Which means coffee!!!! 2) This is my first time with double pointed needles! Eek! Anywho, I will let you know how that all goes. If you'd like to learn more I have made a link, just click on the campaign image below. If you're not a knitter you can still participate so click and read! This is a wonderful cause!