2009 Goals in Review

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

So this is basically my list of goals with my progress in bold. This is more just for me to see where I am.

Crafty Goals:

Knit more scarves
-I have finished 1.

Make 1 pattern variation for every basic scarf
-With 1 scarf made that means I need to make 1 different scarf....but I'm sucking lately so....yeah.

Knit 1 blanket for charity
-Still stuck on the scarf thing. It makes me kind of sad, but maybe I'll get somewhere in the next few months.

Knit more baby caps for the next round of Knit One, Save One
- I haven't started my caps yet, but I've bought the yarn & still plan on making 6.

Knit baby blankets
-See Above.

If baby blankets are finished begin a project to make a set

Practice hand quilting
- I would love to do this, but it seems like it won't happen this year.

If comfortable, begin Follow-The-Lines quilt

Attempt 1 knitted toy
-See other knit goals

Make knitted ornaments to but in clear balls
-This is still possible, especially since Christmas is months away & these are pretty simple.

Knit afghan squares to join for full afghan
- =[

Personal Goals:

Stick to a workout plan & stay fit
-I have stayed fit, but no steady workout plan.

Read at least 1 book
-I'm working on this one. I have 2 books in progress but I have no idea which I will finish first.

Add 1 rosary to my collection
-I'm waiting for the perfect one. There hasn't been one that's caught my eye.

Send in flowers for my Grandmas memorial rosary
-Fiances have come in & delayed this one. But I do plan on getting this completed. I'm hoping that this doesn't turn out being my 1 rosary for the year though.

New myspace layout (lol)
-I have done this, & it's definitely not what I would normally have, it's colorful! But I really like it.

Play more DS! (already got a start on that)
-And then that died.

Add at least 1 more Betsey Johnson jewelry piece
-Not yet, ebay is gonna have to help me out with this one.

Charge at least 1 tank of gas on the credit card then immediately off (building credit!)
-Nope, not this yet either.

Keep Organized!
-I have done this very nicely, moving out really helped me get things together & keep it all in order.

Take a trip somewhere nice.
-Disneyland!!!!! Yosemite!


Garden in real life
-No where to garden. I will have to get window boxes or planters because we don't have a backyard in an apartment.

Become more bold in the kitchen
-I cook a lot more, but i wouldn't call it bold. Vero (Frank's cousin) got me a wonderful vegetarian cookbook for my birthday & I plan to make AT LEAST 1 thing out of it before year end.

Love Frank more (everyday)
-I don't think I can never love him enough. But I do love him more everyday. I'm just so lucky.

This is definitely not where I wanted to be. With the move & the insurance training, my goals fell to the side. Here's to trying to accomplish more!