I'm still just knitting along!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I could be a little more than half-way or I could be almost finished. My Olive Afghan is coming along splendidly but I have stopped taking measure of it. I figure if I know how much more I have left, it might make me anxious and/or rush. Whatever the status, I'm smitten! I've already purchased yarn for another blanket and can't wait to get started. (Detail to come when I cast on!)

I'd like to begin a little something new. Letters to people, places and things from may day, week, or month. The people will probably never read them, but they are things I want to say anyways. I begin today....

Dear Angry Man,

Thank you for driving as erradically as poosible. I had no idea there was a 3rd lane on that part of Bullard but you sure used that bike lane as one to get around that truck. I also enjoyed that you tail gated me until said "lane" was available then tail gated the person next to me and made full use of the lane. I would also like to note your excellent parenting skills as the small child in the front seat of your Escalade really seemed to enjoy your 65 mph ride through busy traffic.

Thank you once again for making my drive to work through busy traffic a game of "when he'll crash".


Driver of of the blue truck that should have brake-checked you


Dear woman whom I held the door open for at Panda Express,

I'm glad I could hold the door open for you and really appreciate the offer to let me go ahead of you in line. I am sorry however that I was glad to have been behind when you tried the firecracker something (meat is all yuck so I donn't remember what exactly it was) and you made such a face that the girl behind the counter was awfully worried. That bulgy-eye, my mouth is on fire face was great fun to see and made it hard to keep a giggle in. Thanks for the show, sorry I took a bit of enjoyment out of it. (In all fairness, the nice girl that gave it to you said it was pretty spicy.)


Doorman in training


Dear Wind,

Please stop taking advantage of the fact that I wore shorts under my dress for a bit extra warmth. Though I'm protected from people seeing anything good, I wouldnt want you to get any ideas for another time when I might not have layered up.


Wind-blown hair girl, thankful her bum was covered.