Sorry for the silence

Monday, September 13, 2010

I apologize for my silence on this blog, I have been going through a rough spot and haven't felt the need to blog it all out. The very personal reasons I won't share but luckily they are looking up.

Unfortunately, my dog Baxter has gone through a very rough time and things aren't looking very good right now. He is being hospitalized as I am typing this and he'll be there for at least the next few days. Please send good thoughts his way. Baxter is only 4 years old and is such a sweetie. The vet really doesn't know what is wrong with him and all treatments have only improved him for a short time before he gets worse.

I will update my blog when I know more about the little guy and I'm working on some regular posts and hope to get them up at the end of the week so my blog doesn't look so sad.