Pretty Picture & Weekend Wrap-Up

Monday, April 4, 2011

Image Via SundayInBed

Hello and happy Monday to you! The weather we're having is super wacky the last couple weeks. I would really enjoy having a week or two of mid 70's just to call things even. Here's a snapshot of what this week will look like.

This weekend was lots of game playing and nursing a pup with a bee sting. My Mister's dog Zero, whom I love to pieces was attacked by a bee we're guessing when he was getting water from his dish. Zero won the battle though because we found the bee dead next to the dish and boy was he big, the largest honey-type bee I've seen. Luckily Zero only had some swelling around the site which was on his poor doggy snout but you could definitely tell it hurt which just broke my heart.

This week I'm looking forward to starting a decor project for my bedroom. Sadly all of my walls are bare and it just sort of feels like someone elses resting spot. I have put off hanging things for far too long. Perhaps if things go well I can share a bit of it here. I'm also looking forward to more blog posts. Last week I was feeling sorry for myself for a few different reasons and was sort of in a funk so posting fell by the wayside. I aim to make this week much different.

Wishing you the best start to your week!

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