Weekend Wrap-Up

Monday, April 25, 2011

This is two weeks worth of wrap-up since somehow, my post for last week never went up. Lots and lots to say but not too much to share picture wise.

April 18th: My weekend was great and since feeling much better after my Thursday, I actually wanted to get out and do something. Saturday was spent on the go. The Mister and I were up early and had some Starbucks and breakfast. Then we got ready and headed to downtown Clovis where we were extras in a short film project. The shoot ran a bit long but was pretty fun and after we decided to take a little rest at the house and then head out for the rest of our day. Saturday was Record Store day and my favorite band, Deftones, had released a limited edition vinyl just for the occasion. Unfortunately Fresno wasn't a participating store. (You hear that Fresno? You weren't included in a major event for one of the biggest bands in the world, and they have family that live here and love to come here when they tour! Get with the program!)

Though we both had our hearts set on some veggie rolls at our favorite Japanese place, they hadn't yet re-opened since their remodel so we were forced to order ordered a pizza instead. Luckily the place by my house is always good and pretty fast if you're ordering for pick-up so it worked out quite well and left time for some shopping I wanted to get done after. I finally visited the Forever 21 that just moved to a bigger space and I must say, it was pretty overwhelming. Three floors of Forever 21. Yes, you read that correctly. I believe it is now the biggest store in their chain and in my opinion the best. Despite being very large it was very organized and everything was merchandised (set-up & displayed for those that haven't worked retail) really well. I was also really shocked that there were only a few repeats in different areas. Because the old location was so cramped and cluttered I rarely shopped in-store and opted to shop online. I never realised how much Forever 21 has to offer. And even though I hardly ever find anything I like anywhere, I walked out with three new items. After a stop for some fro yo it was back home.

Sunday was spent relaxing and we watched Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 1 for the second time. My goodness how I love the Harry Potter series and though I'm anxious to see the second part, I will be sad to see it end. Part of me wants the get the final book read before the release but since I began my Harry Potter love with the movies, I don't want to spoil it for myself. (Does the even make sense?) The Mister and I are on book three so we'll see how it goes.

This week has a great outlook but I'll wait to share more of it when the time comes.

April 25th: I have been in serious need for some vacation time away from it all for some time now. I've just had too much going on and too many things to worry about. The Mister and I had originally planned to take some time off to go camping somewhere low in cost, high on beautiful scenery and FAR away from the internet and real world. This translated into camping. Unfortunately fate had some others plans and between snowed in areas of the mountains and booked up places by the beach we were left to either plan another type of trip or to book the camping site by another beach that included an extra 3.5 hour drive to the normal 3 hours due to storm damage and road/highway closure. Not acceptable for a second choice beach camping spot. Luckily, Franks sister and brother-in-law were taking a trip to Vegas on the exact same days and invited us to join and we happily accepted. We sent about 3 days and had such a great time. On the drive home we stopped in Calico, California which is a ghost town. Today it's full of themed shops but it's still pretty eerie. You'll have to forgive the iPhone pictures, it's all we had camera wise.

The beautiful drive over.

The view from our balcony of the awesome pool.

Frank & his nephew hanging out.

I believe this is Ceasars?


Glass bottle house in Calico.

Also this last week my dog Lucy had hip surgery due to a bad joint in her left hip. Poor thing will have to be on bed rest (only walking for potty brakes) for at least two weeks and have to wear her e-collar until the third week in May when her stitches come out. There has been a lot of yelping and whining but it's gotten a lot better. It really hurts me to see her unhappy and in pain but I know we made the best decision for her since she was in pain on a daily basis before the surgery. Only time will tell how well the surgery will work for her but we are hoping for a great recovery and for the time to fly by to get to the part where she is allowed to rehab the leg. The doctor suggested that we gain access to a pool that she can swim around in since that is the best way to get everything strong and working again. Lucy's favorite thing to do is take a swim in our pool so that works out perfectly.

Her own space to recover.

Now that my internet break it's over I am ready to blog more and post some long overdue pictures. I also have some recent purchases to share. This week is about sucking it up and getting back to reality (my desk at work was a rude awakening) which means cleaning and other blah-type things.

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