8 Weeks To A Better Me: Week Four

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

This weeks post is my favorite one thus far. I adored what Kaelah had to say about herself and the advice she gave and think that it's definitely something everyone should check out, even if you aren't participating in the "8 Weeks". I actually found Kaelah through Sometimes Sweet and after browsing her most recent posts at that time, I was hooked! Between sweet outfits posts, glimpses into her lovely life and her positive words, Kaelah has become a daily read for me.

Now I have to say that overall, I really do love myself. (Obviously I don't mean this in any sort of vain way.) Up until about four and a half or five years ago I wasn't particularly fond of myself. There was a lot that went into that and for the sake of sticking to the subject I won't go into all of it now. what is important is there was a moment that I looked at myself (physically, personality, mentally) and said "This is NOT who I want to be and not who I really am in my heart." From that point on I have became the real me through and through. This would have never came to be if I hadn't loved myself and decided that I was worthy of everything I've ever wanted for myself. While I am light years from that poor girl, I also know that positivity is the only way to keep the real me ever present.

  •  Clean house / Dress up - I keep things because I think I might wear them again. The problem is that I now have little to no room for anything new and a plethora of things I do not wear or even like. I shop for great deals and always buy quality on the things I will wear more regularly so they last longer so allowing myself new clothing is not really that big of a deal. Whether I'm staying home, going out, going to work or headed to the gym, looking put together makes me feel confident. I want to make more of an effort to limit my thrown on and/or frumpy days to a few times a week and try to look the way I want to look. By making more of an effort on my appearance I will be less shy to let my personality shine.   
  • Think positive - Silencing my inner critic is a big one. I am terrible at accepting compliments and the main reason is because my head always has something to point out once I receive one. Obviously I have things that wiggle or jiggle in ways that society tells me they shouldn't, but I am very happy with myself inside and out and will not be told that this is wrong. Changing my mind's immediate reaction is important since it's just not really how I feel.

  • Don't let life bring me down - This is positive thinking for the rest of me. It always seems that I get the rude phone calls at work, grumpy person ringing me up at the store, nasty looks from random people and every inconsiderate driver finds me on the road but I let them have too much of my time. Though these encounters are minutes or even seconds long, they really get me down. The fact is that I will not that to deal with most of these people ever again so I shouldn't allow them to have any impact on my day or life unless it's a positive one. Any time these instances occur I will focus on a positive event or person that I have in that moment or that day.

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