Weekend Wrap-Up

Monday, May 23, 2011

For some strange reason I thought this weekend wasn't going to be as busy as the one we have coming up. Yes, I was very very wrong. Friday morning my Mister had his first graduation ceremony. He is now officially is done with college (unless he decides to pursue a masters or teaching credentials) and has his degree in Mass Communications and Journalism. I could not be more proud of him. I had the pleasure of meeting the professors and advisers that he learned from during his time earning this degree and they all had such wonderful things to say about him. In the evening we went out to dinner with his parents and brother Danny and his future family after his graduation. Frank and his brother both graduated (for different majors) and though I didn't get to go to Danny's ceremony I was so happy to get to celebrate his graduation over pizza!

Saturday morning the Mister and I rested a bit and then prepared for the afternoon/evening. The whole family (my mama included) went for a yummy early dinner at my favorite Mexican place, Casa Corona. Best veggie tacos ever! We then all headed over to the second graduation for both Frank and Danny which was the Latino Commencement. There were so so so many people, it's actually the largest Latino graduation ceremony in the US. We were treated to mariachi and folklorico dancers alternating performances before the graduates came out and I was super excited because those are no joke my favorites. Sunday was the graduation party for both of the graduates and it was full of family and food.

This weekend was definitely a tiring one but everything was well worth it since I got to see Franks dreams come to fruition. I hope to share a few pictures later on since I didn't take any with my phone for once.

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