Things I'm Loving: Hair How-To's

Friday, May 20, 2011

Spring has not officially ended, I'm already dreading the heat we face here in Central California. If you're not familiar, spring and fall are very short and summer is really long. Unfortunately being fashionable and stylish from head to toe gives way to a pony tail and whatever clothing is light weight. For me, my biggest problem throughout the heat waves (and possibly all year long...) is mixing up my hair styles. I have these modes: Down and straight or a bit of curl, sort of half up with simple small clips, and pony tail which is business mode for the gym. This must change and thanks to the how-to's I've fallen for, it can!

Via Southern Swoop
Fishtail braids are hot hot hot right now and it's not hard to tell why. They are simple to execute and ad so much style. Check out the how-to, here.

I love the tutorial video from Danielle at Sometimes Sweet on Milk Maid braids. They are sweet and again, easy! You should check out her video!

Via ThePaperMama
Buns are great to get your hair up and can be super chic. I adore this version of the messy bun, times three!

Via A Cup of Jo

This how-to is super easy and a great way to dressy up your ponytail.

Also, I have a few more over on pinterest which you can check out here.

Happy weekend!

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