8 Weeks To A Better Me: Week Three

Thursday, May 19, 2011

I'm a couple days late this week due to an unexpected trip (more on that later) but here it is! This weeks focus is healthy eating which you can view here. Tracy of Shutterbean offers such amazing tips on eating healthy and still enjoying indulgences like ice cream (my personal fav). Luckily since last weeks goal of mine to eat better I've already started.

  • Drink more water!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Yes, the exclamation points are necessary. Folks, I drink less than one glass of water a day. The only time I drink water is when I work out and I only drink a venti sized Starbucks cup worth. (With braces and bands using my water bottle is not an option so my SB cup with straw is perfect.) That's 20 ounces. SAD! My goal is 2 glasses a water a day and the extra 20oz when it's a workout day.

  • More Veggies - You would think as a vegetarian and a lover of vegetables I would eat buckets full but unfortunately I've been slacking in that department. I would like to make sure they make a big appearance in my meals and I'd also like to mix up which I eat as I tend to stick to broccoli and asparagus.

  • Less Soda - I actually cut my soda intake to one a day about two months ago but now I feel that is still too much. I would like to consume four sodas a week maximum and cut the dark variety to two a week. It comes at a great time since it's heating up and I am crazy about iced tea. Also, since the goal is too cut out these sugars I will need to make sure I'm using less sugar in my tea.

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