Weekend Wrap-Up

Monday, May 16, 2011

Flowers in Frank's mom's garden.

This weekend was full of fun and rest which is exactly how I like my weekends. Friday night was The Directors Cut for my Mister. I had lots of fun dressing up and going to the event. There were lots of great entries and the premier (basically) of a short film his colleagues were working on, which was amazing! To see the event come together after all of my Misters hard work was such a privilege. After the event we headed to the after party at The Landmark in Downtown Fresno and we shared a basket of fries and mingled with all who came to celebrate. I must say it was my first time meeting most of the people there and first time spending time with those I had already met and honestly, they are great people! I made a new friend which Frank says I stole....it doesn't help that I have stolen two friends of his prior one of which is one of my favorite gals (Hi Ro!). Any who, it was a great night and we returned home two tired beings but very happy ones.

Us all dressed up.

Saturday and Sunday were spent lounging about and enjoying our time together with the exception of a few hours both days when the Mister had appointments to attend to, one for a wedding he was helping a friend shoot and the other a group meeting for a final project. I spent my time productively by hanging with my fur baby Sophie and watching Gilmore Girls. Sunday night we watched Grown Ups which was sort of funny and kinda cute overall.

Long view of the flowers. They were huge!

On a drive.

This week will be out preparing for our next big events. Coming up is my Misters big graduation and I think I'm more excited than he is at this point, which is understandable considering the finals he still has to take. We also have my mama's birthday and a wedding in the coming weeks which are going to be lots of fun.

Hope your weekend was enjoyable, whatever you did.

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