8 Weeks To A Better Me: Week Two

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Week two is up on Sometimes Sweet and it features Amber of  I Love You to the Moon. I have had the pleasure of following Amber via Instagram and then twitter and she is super sweet and an inspiration in many ways. This week is all about fitness and I'm so glad it's one of the topics discussed because it's something I have been trying to be better with.

  • Commitment -  I actually like going to the gym and though I'd like to go twice, every single week it just doesn't happen. My number one goal is to get to the gym every single week. To do this I'm going to make sure my gym clothes are on my bed or in the middle of the floor where I just cannot ignore them. Along with this goal I plan to supplement a home workout (yoga, swimming or walking) if I only attend the gym once.

  •  Nutrition - To keep my body in line with how I want to feel I need to cut the unhealthy snacks and over eating. Lately I have been "hungry" 24/7. When I say hungry, I mean wanting donuts, chips, fro yo, extra serving of dinner, etc. I've realised that I don't actually feel hungry except first thing in the morning and to me that isn't good. Other than recently I stick to a good breakfast which is usually yogurt, a mid-morning snack of some sort of fruit, a mid-sized lunch of something healthy and filling, an afternoon snack of pretzels and string or laughing cow cheese, and then a yummy dinner with veggies of some sort. Dessert only usually happens 3 times a week. My body would really like to get back to this sort of eating and I'm going to make an effort to have that happen.

  • Workout gear / Motivation - This is sort of a two-for but they also can go hand-in-hand. I'm in need of a new pair of running shoes since I'm currently using my court/volleyball shoes from I believe my sophomore year of HS. They will still work as a hiking shoe but I need to treat my soles to some new comfort and support. Since it's heating up I will also need to add some more shorts and/or capri's to my work out wardrobe. I am also on the hunt for some cool shirts/tanks to add so I can mix things up and feel cute even though I will be getting sweaty and feel okay being around other people. Along with feeling good, I want to motivate myself with reminders and rewards for myself. I am going to leave a note with my clothes to remind me that I will feel great after my workout and reward myself with a new little something for sticking to my goals every two weeks or so.

I look forward to meeting these goals and to working on me in a different way this week.

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