Weekend Wrap-Up

Monday, May 9, 2011

This weekend was too good for words. The month of May has been/will be pretty crazy for me as I have so many things to attend/take care of. This weekend was no exception.

Friday the Mister and I had the pleasure of watching his nephew Kael who is such a sweetie! When I got there around 8, he had fallen asleep so we had dinner and started playing some Little Big Planet. When Kael woke up he joined us on the floor and laughed as we entertained him with the game. It was getting late so we went to the room to wind down and let Kael play with the various things in Franks room. He adores the piano and will turn it on and play it as soon as he walks into the room. He is just so smart and is always trying to figure things out on his own.

Saturday we attended a graduation for a close cousin of Franks, Erica. It was such a lovely day out and I was glad to be able to congratulate her on her big day! We went over to her party right after and I had a falaffle for the first time. I can't say it's my favorite but it was good and I may need to try one again. I also got to spend a bit of time with Frank's cousin Vero (the older sister of the graduate) who has been attending college in New York. Vero is such a sweet and smart gal and I just love her passion for life.

After the party is was time to get down to business for Frank which meant working on a drawing assignment. We headed to one of our favorite spots, the Japanese Gardens in Woodward Park. We took a stroll around and Frank decided which spot he wanted to feature and then we sat down and he got to work drawing while I read aloud out of the Harry Potter book we've been working on together. While we sat there at least four wedding parties and a dozen prom couples came to get their pictures taken in the beautiful gardens. It was a lot of fun to see where they decided to have the pictures taken and what everyone was wearing. The trend for the day was tea length dresses for the prom girls, a handful of white tuxes/suits for the prom guys and grooms, and a lot of deep reds and burgundy for bridesmaid dresses. Also while we sat there we saw a sweet rabbit, peacocks (that live in the gardens) and a squirrel that decided he didn't like where we were sitting and threated us. This was funny and sad all at the same time because while he ran towards us I thought I was having a Snow White moment with a woodland creature coming to greet me and really he just darted around us and then shook his tail rather angrily. Maybe next time? This was followed by dinner at our favorite spot as of late and spending time together.

Sunday, Mothers day was spent with both of our families and was really nice. We had brunch out with Franks family and then made dinner for my mom and watched the newest Narnia movie. It was a great day and I wish I had gotten pictures of everyone.

I hope your weekend was a lovely one!

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