Mini Vacation

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

So I took last Wednesday and Thursday off work and I must say it was a great idea. Wednesday was spent on a road trip to Monterrey and Carmel-By-The-Sea. Of course I chose the one day that it was cool in the valley to leave, but it was worth it. We got there we went right to our whale watching adventure. We to the Princess and we were not let down! We had originally scheduled our trip for 1 but they had called and said that they expected high winds and asked if we would switch to 10. Let me say that if there weren't supposed to be high winds until 1, then the crazy winds that we had must have just been breezes. Also, for never had been on the sea before I did very well. I didn't even feel sick until a few kids next to me started talking about vomit. (You know so-and-so blew chunks, so-and-so threw up in class....Yuck!) But I recovered quickly and very much enjoyed being in open water. I believe there will be a sail boat and sailing trips in my future. So on to the pictures!

How do you spot a whale? Why they breathing of course! We just had to watch for a big spurt of mist shoot up into the air and we were in business.

Now to find out what kinda of whale is there. Wait for it to come out of the water just a bit. This is one of the whales we kept close to. (There we two feeding together that we hung around with.) Humpbacks!

Just seeing their humps, the spray of their breathing and their massive tails would have been enough for me...but then it happened! I almost missed it but Frank sure didn't!

This is the after math.

All pictures captured thanks to Frank who played camera man. So glad to have him as a best friend.

Our trip was amazing and seeing the whales in person was such an amazing experience, one I will not forget. Though the whale breath was stinky, it was only added to the experience. We also got to hear the whales express themselves through trumpeting. It sounded similar to an elephant trumpet, but on more massive and incorporated with the sound of the water shooting from it's blow hole. Our whales were definitely playful!

After our whale watching ended we drove to Carmel-By-The-Sea and found a perfect spot on the beach to lounge on. The water was freezing but so beautiful and calming. After an hour or so on the beach, we took a drive around Carmel & Carmel Heights. The view were stunning and the houses were ridiculous. Next we went to dinner at a great restaurant that had tons of vegetarian options. I inhaled my artichoke quesadilla! The drive home was fun and we finished off the night with some ice cream from Cold Stone. Thursday was all about movies and relaxing, it was great!

Is it bad that I'm ready to go back on vacation? I'm very lucky to still have more days available to take off. I think a trip to the beach should happen again!

Of course the only pictures there were of me were goofy ones. So here's my favorite.