8 Weeks To A Better Me: Where I Am, Weeks 1-4

Thursday, June 16, 2011

I have had a lot of fun reading each weeks post on Sometimes Sweet and setting goals for myself. Here's how I'm doing so far. (Note: The header will lead you to my post for that week in case you missed it.)

Week 1 - Blogging:

  • Blog Scheduling - I'm doing so-so on this one. I definitely plan to be more proactive about planning for my regularly occurring posts  and actually executing them ahead of time to leave time for more post that are right here, right now.

  • Comments - I have definitely increased the frequency in which I comment, but I've fallen way behind in reading posts so I'm sure there are lots of comments to be made.

  • More Me - I feel I have done a great job of putting myself into the things I post and I have great plans for future things that will contribute to me sharing more of my personality and daily goings-on.

Week 2 - Fitness/Working Out:

  • Commitment - I have pretty much failed. I haven't been to the gym in  probably a month and I haven't worked out at home.

  • Nutrition - I have done great! Healthy snacks, better main meals, bye-bye soda and extra sugar in tea and coffee.

  • Workout gear / Motivation - Fail. No new gear and I haven't gone so the motivation factor isn't helping. I will be working on this one, big time.

Week 3 - Healthy Eating:

  • Drink more water!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - I have been a water drinking machine! Well....compared to my habits prior to this goal at least. I have pretty much suck to drinking at least 2 glasses of water a day and I feel the difference. I feel full more often and crave healthier snacks rather than being super hungry and reaching for something naughty.

  • More Veggies - I've done well in adding in more veggies, but I could do a whole heck of a lot better. Luckily, the farmers market starts this Friday and I can stock up on lots of goodies there.

  • Less Soda - I am happy to report that I have been soda free for a little more than 4 weeks. I'm not sure how it happened that I went my initial week without soda but after I realized that it had been a week, I wanted to stick to it. I do plan on drinking soda again, just not very often. Though it's kinda fun to see how long I can go.

Week 4 - Loving Yourself:

  • Clean House/Dress Up - This first part of this was to clean house, and boy did I ever! I have tons more room in my closet and drawers and the majority of things I have not worn  and will not wear again are bye-bye. This includes shoes and a purse or two. I'm so proud of myself! The second part I've fallen behind on. Part of this is because I've been sick and part because I've been too lazy but dressing up has just not been on my priority list and neither has purchasing things to fill the new wholes in my closet. I'm making a plan, list and budget this week to get working on it.

  • Think positive - I'm so glad I made being nicer to myself a goal. It has really worked! I've cut myself big time slack since I've been sick instead of beating myself up that I look like death is near. And that mean voice that had something snarky to say anytime a sweet complement was sent my way is quieter and quieter. It's lovely!

  • Don't let life bring me down - Overall I have felt very light. I have had my share of computer problems, random rude people and all that but they really have not made an impact on me. It's amazing how easy it is to brush these things off if you just keep a bit of thick skin against negativity.

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