8 Weeks To A Better Me: Where I Am, Weeks 5-8

Thursday, July 14, 2011

(Note: The header will lead you to my post for that week in case you missed it.)

Week 5 - Loving Life & Having Fun:

  • Plan fun outings - We have definitely had outing and it's been fun. We even went out with some friends and found out we love this sushi place just down the street from my house. They have six vegetarian rolls that don't require special ordering! I wish it was a bit cooler so we could walk about town a bit more but for now our shorts trips will do just fine.

  • Pictures - Documenting has not been my forte as of late and it really bums me out. There have been so many sweet and fun moments that I wished I had better documentation of.

  • Enjoy it all more - Achieved but I will always strive to keep this. I have really just enjoyed everything and everyone for the most part. Letting go of the "this and that's" and anythings else that might bring down my mood has made me feel light!

Week 6 - Home Sweet Home:

  • Organization - I have gotten everything organized and kept it so tidy that it's kind of exciting!

  • Fill Wall Space - Wall space is still a bit empty. I'm waiting for the perfect pieces.

  • Bye Bye Random Junk - Half of this project has been executed but those electrical gadgets are still hanging around waiting for a new home. As well as a few other odds and ends.

Week 7 - Personal Style:

  • Get Inspired - Oh boy did I! I have made a great start on being inspired and find great examples of things that will work for me. I've decided to to keep my inspiration fresh and new to make sure I never get bored with my wardrobe.

  • Finding My Perfect Fit - Done and done! Adding belts to a bit-to-lose top or something a bit more flowy than I like instantly brings out my shape. I've also gotten over my "I have wide shoulders" issue and bought some cute dresses with semi small straps. Seems like something silly but finding the right fit in different clothing items is really making the difference.

  • Invest in Perfect Pieces - I went on a closet revival mission and found the perfect balance of affordable pieces and one splurge piece. Luckily all of these things will transition into other seasons with an addition of a cardigan or pair of jeans instead of shorts or a skirt.

Week 8 - Awakening Your Creative Side:

  • Find Constant Inspiration - This has been the easiest yet with Pinterest follows having impeccable taste and my discovery of new blogs and bloggers. My boards are  being updated and my head is spinning with things I want to do and try.

  • Try Things Out - I successfully gave my blog a make-over and I love, love, love it! I have yet to try any of my book marked DIY's but I have big plans and if all goes well a few blog posts to show the results and possibly the process of one or two.

  • Share The Wealth - Big plans in store! I cannot wait to make and share. Just haven't had the time.

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